Ed Wolff started business in 1980 selling tofu and brown rice knishes out of a 1967 Volkswagen Van. He soon added oat bars and vegan products to his line. We now carry many varieties of vegan, low-fat, gluten free and raw food products. We distribute to health food and gourmet stores throughout New York City and east (as far out to the Hamptons) and have a thriving mail order business outside of this area.

Ed passed away in July of 2008 of a long and rough battle with pancreatic cancer, but his business lives on. His son Jason and other family members continue to keep his name and business going.

Let us help you with those hard to find items: Raw foods, Health bars, Chocolates, Cookies and other smart snacks, all without any milk substitutes, sugar substitutes, and unrefined sugars. We provide wheat and gluten free products, vegan foods, healthy treats and snacks. Simply put, healthy and natural foods, that’s it. Our friendly staff is always available for questions and will spend time helping you find the information you desire. We are here to help you with those special dietary needs.

Ed Wolff Ltd. 269 Eastern Parkway Suite B  Farmingdale, NY 11735
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